Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Melatonin's Midnight Madness

Touted as a safe alternative to Ambien, Lunesta, Valium etc, big melatonin companies claim that melatonin is a cure for insomnia, and may even prevent alzheimers's disease. Now despite the fact that scientific evidence for both of these claims is sketchy at best, there's something that big melatonin companies don't want you to know...


Exposing your face to sunlight or a full spectrum light bulb will increase your nightly melatonin production greatly. So greatly in fact that the need for additional melatonin supplementation becomes nil. It's another example of how a little bit of knowledge will go a long way.

It is also another example of how a holistic approach to healthy sleep is the ONLY right way to go. Sure Ambien will knock you unconscious for 8 hours, Valium will make you forget your troubles and Xanax will allow you to clean the windows on the empire state building without so much as a raise in your heart-rate, but is that healthy sleep? Nay I say.

The vital role that sleep plays in total health is just beginning to be understood. Considering the time we spend each day waiting in line, sitting in traffic, or watching TV, do yourself a favor and spend some time restoring your healthy sleep.

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offcenterlarry said...

How much sunlight? I've heard as little as 15 minutes helps produce enough seratonin, IF you take melatonin.