Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Achieve It

I hate traveling. Unless I'm going on vacation to some sunny, sandy place, traveling means one thing: lousy sleep. At least that's the way it used to be before I had a supply of Ambien. Now, when I'm off the island I'm able to get a night's rest. Ah... Ambien. That is better living through chemistry. With Ambien in our arsenal we can combat these transient bouts of insomnia. This past weekend I was faced with a hard mattress, a drafty room and two large dogs jostling for position. Fortunately, Ambien made these circumstances inconsequential.

That's it. That's what Ambien is for. Ambien (or Lunesta, Sonata, Valium, Xanax or Klonipin for that matter) is for treating short term bouts of insomnia. It is when Ambien is used for extended periods of time that things become problematic. When a person becomes accustomed to an Ambien at bedtime every night, it becomes difficult to sleep without an Ambien.

There you have it. The Ambien balance. If one wants their Ambien to be effective every time, then one needs to achieve the Ambien balance. The Ambien-balance refers to the maximum frequency with which one can take their Ambien without it losing effectiveness. My Ambien balance point is 3 days. This means that I can take an Ambien every night for three consecutive nights without disturbing my natural sleep. If I go longer than that I risk a night or two of tossing and turning after I stop taking the Ambien.

So go forward my friends, Ambien at your sides and make the world a better place. Find your Ambien balance point and never forget that nothing beats natural sleep.

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Anonymous said...

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