Monday, May 01, 2006

Stress and your sleep

Stress messes up your sleep. I'm in the process of finishing up a major project in my laboratory. 5 years of research will be coming to fruition in the next six months. While this will be an exciting time, it will also be intense and difficult. If I'm not careful the stressful times ahead may mess up my sleep. Do you think I'll let that happen? Not a chance. Sleep is where I'm a Viking and I will not let anything deprive me of that joy. To combat the effects of stress on sleep, I'm implementing a total sleep health plan. I'll be getting plenty of exercise, sunshine on my face, and I'll be taking my Somnera.

Sure I could turn to Ambien at a time like this. If I experience any real insomnia during this time, I might just break out the Ambien or the Lunesta. But I'm not really anticipating any real problems. What I'm trying to do is avoid a problem in the first place. It is only appropriate to turn to Ambien or Lunesta if you're experiencing true insomnia, a condition only your doctor can recognize. Instead, make sleep health a part of your life.

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